Pros And Cons Of Gas Fireplaces

Having a fireplace that burns wood is great, but it also requires a lot of hassle and excessive cleaning out of the chimney, and it can get expensive if it is used often. The other option you have is to go with a gas fireplace. It still provides a realistic flame, unlike an electric fireplace, but it is often preferred over the traditional wood-burning fireplaces. Before you make your decision, you should consider the pros and cons of this type of fireplace, as listed below.

Pro: It is easy to use

One of the biggest advantages to choosing a gas fireplace over a wood-burning one is the fact that it is very easy to use. All you need to do is push a button, and suddenly you have a roaring fire that provides warmth and a romantic setting. There are also a lot of great features in the newer models of gas fireplaces, including timers, remote controls, and fans that allow the heat to circulate throughout your home. If you have a remote, you can control the heat from the comfort of your sofa.

Con: They don't have the wood-burning smell

While the flame itself looks very similar to a real flame, and provides the same amount of warmth, it won't smell the same. Many people find the smell of wood burning to be half the draw of a fireplace. You are not going to get this smoky aroma when you turn on your gas fireplace. If you really miss the smell but still want a gas fireplace, you could always get candles that smell like a wood fire. They are available in many different stores and provide the best of both worlds.

Pro: You have more installation options

When you are getting a wood-burning fireplace in your home, there are space restrictions and limitations about where it can be installed. You need proper concrete footing and a chimney, which isn't possible in certain areas of your home. However, gas fireplaces don't need any type of clearance, which means they can be installed just about anywhere in your home. You can also get a vent-free gas fireplace that doesn't require vents, which simplifies the installation process even more.

Con: You need to buy fuel

While buying fuel might end up being less expensive than buying pre-cut logs of wood for your fireplace, it still adds to the overall costs of a gas fireplace. If you live in an area where there is fallen timber, you could always cut and dry the wood and use that to build your fire. With a gas fireplace, there are no alternatives to buying fuel. You must buy fuel in order for it to work properly.

Pro: The fire looks realistic

Along with the other benefits of a gas fireplace, the flame looks very realistic. Stand in front of an electric fireplace and then a gas fireplace, and you will notice the difference instantly. An electric fireplace looks good from far away, but you can definitely tell it is fake. However, a gas fire looks extremely similar to one that is burning actual wood. Guests might not even know it is gas.

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