Guarantee A Strong Reputation And A Clean Work Surface - Advantages Of Cleaning Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Systems

The food service industry can be exciting, fast paced, and extremely profitable, but running a commercial kitchen comes with a wide variety of challenges. Perhaps the most important of these is making sure that you maintain a clean and safe work space for both your employees and your customers. Efficiently filtering the exhaust from your range is an important part of this cleanliness.

Below, you'll find a guide to some of the advantages of regularly cleaning your commercial kitchen exhaust system. Keeping these positives in mind can not only help guarantee you pass any inspection with flying colors, but will also contribute to developing a sterling reputation as a business of tremendous quality.

Maximum Efficiency

Kitchen equipment is a major investment, and installing a range and a corresponding hood may be one of the biggest financial decisions you make in your life as a restaurant owner. Due to the level of investment, it's important that you take all possible steps to make sure your financial commitment is protected.

Regular cleanings will guarantee that your filtration system functions at its highest capacity and will also help prevent buildups from occurring inside your ventilation stack. This will guarantee that the air in your kitchen remains clean and clear, and will also allow you to prevent shutdowns that could occur if a blockage causes your suppression system to activate. 

Insurance Rate Deductions

Restaurants are surprisingly dangerous work environments, and the insurance premiums that many restaurant owners pay reflect that reality. If you're struggling to keep up with those costs, it's important that you look for places to reduce your exposure while not trimming your coverage.

Scheduling cleanings and inspections of your exhaust system will demonstrate to your insurance company that you're seriously committed to maintaining a safe environment. This can give you a leg up when negotiating policy costs and could represent an opportunity for a highly significant savings.

Disaster Prevention

The most important reason to regularly clean your exhaust system is, of course, safety. The buildup of soot and other particles deep in your exhaust stack can occur over a long period of time and be difficult to detect until the right incendiary force is applied and starts a serious fire. Rather than risking the stability of your structure and the health of your employees, making the effort to guarantee routine exhaust cleanings will allow you to avoid the most serious consequences of a clogged system.

Work with a company like Clearzone Services to form a cleaning plan that will keep your kitchen safe and clean.