Maximizing Your Home's Heating Efficiency

If you are a homeowner and you are looking for ways to cut costs on your monthly bills, the heat you use during cold weather is one of the expenses that you can decrease by making simple adjustments around your home. These methods can be used no matter what type of heating source you are using. Here are some ways you can save on your heating costs this coming winter.

Check Doors And Windows

Filling in the gaps around windows and doors with weather-proofing or caulk stops warm air from being let outside. One part of doors that is overlooked when doing weatherproofing is the bottom edge. If you are able to see light underneath a door, heat is escaping in this spot. Adjust the bottom threshold to lessen the amount of space between it and the bottom of your door. This is done by unscrewing the plate under your door and raising it higher. Make sure you do not raise it too high, as it will restrict your door movement.

Use Insulation

Check the insulation in your attic to make sure no pieces have fallen from the ceiling area. If you do not have insulation present, it can be bought at a home goods store and installed yourself. One spot in the home that people fail to insulate is around electrical outlets and switches. These areas are very drafty and can contribute to heating loss, as the heat will seep into the area in an attempt to cool it down. Take the covers off of each of your electrical outlets and switch plates and fill in the area around the mechanisms with expandable foam. Place a foam gasket over outlets before putting the cover back on. You will be surprised in the difference in your heating bill by doing this easy step.

Fill In Holes

Check the exterior of your home for any large holes, cracks or areas around electrical and water piping where cool air can sneak inside your home. Fill these areas in with caulk to keep cool air out and warm air in. One place in the home that is often forgotten is the fireplace chimney. Invest in a chimney balloon to help block cold air from getting inside. This product works by blowing up and pushing into the chimney opening from your fireplace. If you forget it is in place and light a fire, the balloon will automatically deflate so there is no risk of fire. 

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