Want To Save Money? Stop Buying Into These 4 Myths About Air Conditioning

Myths, outright lies that parade around as truth, are often hard to decipher. In many cases, the myth is more believable than the truth. For this reason, you have to rely on the expertise of others to make sure you have the right information. For example, you should always rely on your HVAC technician when it comes to questions about your air conditioning. Do you think you can recognize a myth when you hear one? Test your knowledge with a review of these four popular myths about air conditioning.

Maintaining Constant, Cool Temperature will Save Money

Maintaining a constant cool temperature will save you more money than turning your thermostat up when you leave because the unit will have to work harder to cool your house down when you get home. This statement is utterly false. In fact, installing a smart thermostat, a thermostat that allows your home to get warmer when you're not home in the summer and cools it off right before you get home, can save you as much as 15 percent in energy costs. 

Running Ceiling Fans will Lower the Temperature of Your Home

Running ceiling fans constantly will keep your air conditioner from turning on as much because it will keep your home cooler. While fans make you feel cooler, they don't actually affect the temperature in the room. They merely circulate the air. The cooling effect comes from the passage of air over your skin. The thermostat still reads the room as the same temperature whether the fan is on or not. 

Seasonal Air Conditioning Maintenance Is a Waste of Money

Having someone come out to inspect and clean your unit at the beginning of the season is a waste of money. Actually, regular maintenance can identify problems before they become expensive fixes and keep your unit functioning at optimal efficiency. All of this works to save you money. Regular maintenance also lengthens the life of your unit. 

A Larger Air Conditioner Is Always More Efficient

A larger air conditioner will keep you cooler without using as much energy. This is totally false. Not only will an air conditioner that is too large freeze you out of your home, it will use more energy than a standard-sized unit. Always select a unit that's the perfect size for your home. 

As you can see, there are several myths regarding air conditioning that many people believe as truth. If you have any questions about how your system works, talk to your HVAC company today. For more information, contact companies like Bevills Plumbing Heating & A/C.