Why Use A Ductless Air Conditioner In Your Home?

A ductless air conditioner is also called a mini split air conditioner, and it's an alternate way to cool down your house. Ductless AC does not require any kind of ductwork found with traditional central AC systems since the ductless unit is installed directly into the wall. This gives ductless AC unique advantages to consider. Understand the benefits of ductless air conditioning to determine if it meets the cooling needs of your home.

Ductless AC Is Flexible

A ductless AC unit is installed in each room of your home that you want to cool, which also provides individual temperature controls. Each room can be cooled to the temperature that you desire, rather than have the entire home be a single temperature. This works great for people who want the temperature of their bedrooms to be different at night for sleeping.

Ductless AC Saves Energy

You can also save money with ductless AC by only cooling the rooms that you are active in. For example, you will not need to waste electricity by cooling down a bedroom during the day when it is not in use. Not having ductwork will also prevent energy loss, since there won't be leaks in the ductwork where air can escape. A savvy homeowner can save money on cooling costs by managing their ductless AC in a smart way and by combining these two factors together.

Ductless AC Is Easy to Install

Much like the name implies, ductless AC does not require actual ductwork. It means that you can retrofit any room of your home that you want to cool down. You will not need to rip open walls to fit ductwork and vents into your home. This makes ductless AC a great option for rooms that are additions to the home and are not easy to run ductwork to.

Adding a branch to an existing central air conditioning system may not be effective either. Your AC may not be powerful enough to cool down the additional square footage of an addition, or the ductwork may not have the natural curves that allow cool air to actually flow into the addition with great force. This is why extending ductwork could result in a room that is too hot during the summer. You can always add a ductless air conditioner to an addition while using central air conditioning for the rest of the home.

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