How To Unclog An Air Conditioning Drain Line

Your home's air conditioner removes the moisture from the air in your home, condensing water vapor into water that is then drained outside of your home. However, like all parts of a major appliance, your air conditioner's drain line can become clogged over time. This can cause all sorts of problems for your air conditioner, causing water damage and ruining the efficiency of the entire system by forcing it to shut off. Thankfully, there are a number of things that you can do to unclog an air conditioner drain line that has become blocked:

Determining the Clog

In order to figure out if you actually have a clog in your AC's drain line, you should take a look at the drip pan and the interior unit of your air conditioner. If water has begun to accumulate and spill out of the pan, which is located at the bottom of the air conditioning unit, or if there are signs of leaks and water damage around the unit, you likely have a clogged drain line. All you have to do now is locate where the drain line exists in your home, which is usually against the same wall that the exterior condenser is attached to.

Vinegar and Water

Once you've located the drain line, remove the plug that keeps it sealed. Then, make a mixture of one part water to one part white vinegar in a large bucket, and then pour the entire mixture down the drain line. The vinegar will work to break down thin obstructions like pine needles and leaves, though it may take several applications before the obstruction is completely destroyed.

Shop Vacuum

Alternatively, for slightly larger blockages that vinegar is unable to actually get through, you can make use of a shop vacuum to physically suck the organic debris out. Simply slide the hose of the vacuum up the drain line (or attach it to the mouth, if it won't fit inside) and turn on the shop vacuum. Keep sucking at the obstruction until water is flowing freely out of the drain line, emptying the canister as needed.


Finally, for those clogs that just don't seem to want to give up, you can make use of a plumber's snake. All you really have to do is slide the snake up the drain and physically push through the blockage to break it into smaller chunks – then, simply attach the shop vacuum to the drain line and remove the smaller bits in the same manner as the above point details.

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