How To Prepare A Window AC Unit For Use

Window air conditioning units require care just like central air conditioning units. Before you start using a window air conditioning unit in your home, you should take some time to prepare the unit for use:

#1 Remove Unit From Mounting Frame

In order to really clean your air conditioning unit, you are going to want to first unplug your unit. Then, take off the access cover on the front of your unit and take the air conditioning unit off of its mounting frame. This will allow access to clean and prepare your window air conditioning unit for use. Cleaning your window air conditioning unit can be a bit messy, so you may want to take it outside for the cleaning process.

#2 Vacuum The Condenser Coils

First, you are going to want to vacuum off your condenser coils. You should use your soft brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner; this will provide you with the flexibility you need to really clean off your condenser coils. Be gentle as you vacuum, you don't want to damage the coils.

Make sure that none of the fins on the condenser coil are bent. If you find any bent coils, you are going to want to use a coil fin comb to straighten the fins out. Although you can use your hands, the coils can be sharp and easily damaged with the wrong touch.

#3 Examine The Foam Air Filter

Window air conditioning units use foam air filters. Foam air filters are really great because they can be cleaned. You can clean the air filter by washing it out with some soap and water. Gently squeeze the soap and water out of the filter. Don't twist the filter to get the water out; that could damage the foam filter. Be sure to allow the filter to dry all the way through before putting it back into your air conditioning unit. Depending on how much water you used to clean the filter, it could take a day or two for it to completely dry.

After you complete the three steps above, put the unit back inside of its frame. Clean off the front cover before reattaching it to the unit. Wipe down the outside of the unit as well and make sure it is clean of dust and dirt. Then, plug in the unit and your window air conditioner should be ready to go and keep you cool. 

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