3 Steps to HVAC Maintenance & Preparing Heating for a Cold Winter

During the winter months, the air conditioning of your home is idle. The cold weather, debris and problems like mildew can cause problems with your AC. During the winter months, there is some maintenance that you will still want to do for your air conditioning to ensure that it is working as it should in the spring when you need it again. Here are a few tips that will help you with the winter maintenance needs of your AC:

1. Change Filters and Continue to Check Them Throughout Winter

The changes of filters are one of the most important maintenance tasks that needs to be done to ensure your AC lasts as long as it should. Change your filter regularly throughout the warmer months, but also continue to keep up with filter changes during the winter months because it can still collect dust and debris and may need to still be changed. At a minimum, change the AC filter before you begin using your AC again in the spring months.

2. Clean the Condensing Unit and Keep it Free of Debris

The condensing unit of your AC is that outdoor component that houses the fan and coils. The coils and fans of condensing units are vulnerable to debris, mildew and fungus growth. Throughout the summer cooling season, you will want to make sure you keep your unit is clean. During the fall months, contact an AC service to help with cleaning, especially if there is a buildup of algae, fungus or dust on the coils, which can cause freezing and damage your air conditioning system.

3. Winterize Your AC Unit and Protect It from Freezing & Moisture

After cleaning the condensing unit, you will want to weatherize your AC unit. When weatherizing the unit, it is important to make sure that any condensation drain lines are cleared, which can be done by blowing them out with air. You may also want to cover the unit, which you will want to ensure that there is a gap that allows the air to circulate to prevent moisture from causing problems with mildew and growth of fungus that can cause damage to your AC unit.

These are some tips that will help you with the maintenance that your air conditioning needs during the cold months of the year. To help get prepared for another cold winter, contact an HVAC company like Reid’s AC & Heat to service your AC and prepare your heating for winter.