How To Improve Your Air Quality This Winter

Winter is coming and the nights are cooling off quickly. Now, before it gets too cold, is the time to get your heating system in good working order. Of course, you might need to have an HVAC technician come to your house and assess and repair your system. However, you might want to first do some simple repairs yourself.

One of your main concerns when it comes to he your home during the winter is air quality. With most of your windows and doors being closed the majority of the winter, you need to maintain good air circulation, ventilation, and filtering during the winter. This article explains ways you can increase the quality of air produced by your heating system.

Maintain Good Airflow

No matter how hot the air that your furnace produces, it will be for not if there is no airflow. That is, if the air is not reaching the vital parts of your home, heating your house and filtering the air can be really tricky. Without good airflow, it is definitely hard to consistently heat a home, especially if there are multiple levels.

Replacing the Vents

One of the best ways to increase the airflow in your home is to replace the vents. This is a great project because it not only increases airflow, it also improves the quality of air blowing into your rooms. The vents can usually be removed by just taking out a couple of screws. Many old homes have aluminum vents that have probably become rusty if you haven't change them in a few years. Consider buying vinyl vents because they are rust resistant. They are definitely better in kitchens and bathrooms where there is more moisture.

Cleaning the Air Ducts and Filters

While you are changing vents, you should also consider cleaning out your air ducts. You might not have the tools to comprehensively clean your entire duct system, but you can definitely clean the first few feet of every duct. This is usually where the majority of dust accumulates, so it is a worthwhile job.

You can also increase the quality of your air by changing the air filters within the ducts. Many homes have air filters in the ducts, as well as at least one connected to the actual furnace. The in-duct filters are easy to replace, and you will run into them in the process of cleaning the vents. Filters are cheap, so don't bother wasting your time trying to clean your old filter when you can easily just replace it with a new one.

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