3 Tips For Preparing Your Air Conditioner For Spring And Summer Heat

While the weather is still cool, soon you are going to need the AC for your home. There is a lot of maintenance that will need to be done to get it prepared for the spring and summer months. The AC maintenance is something that you will want to begin while the weather is cool and before you need to start using your air conditioning. Here are a few tips that will help you get your AC ready for spring and summer heat:

1. Winter Inspection to Ensure No Weather Damage to the AC

There are many things that may cause damage to your AC through the winter months. Some of the problems may be due to storms that come in late fall or winter storms that bring snow and ice. When there is a storm in your area, it is a good idea to do a quick inspection of your AC to make sure that it has not been damaged in the storm. Look for damage that can be caused by ice or debris in the unit outside. To help protect the AC from the storm damage, use a cover in fall to protect it when you are not using it to cool your home.

2. Late Spring Servicing to Catch Problems That Need Repairs or Improvements

In the late spring, you are likely going to start needing your AC, and you will want to begin doing repairs. The first thing that you will want to do is have your HVAC serviced by a professional technician. The HVAC contractor will inspect your heating and AC, and do any repairs that are going to be needed. If you need to have the dampers adjusted to switch from heating to cooling, the technician will be able to do this for you before you begin to start using your AC for cooling your home.

3. Removing Weatherproofing to Get Ready to Use the AC in Spring

There are also some chores that you may need to do during the winter months. The AC may have been protected from winter weather. In the spring, you will want to remove any weatherproofing that you did to the AC. Remove the cover, check to make sure that drain lines are cleared and that the power is on for your AC to start working when temperatures get warmer.

These are some AC maintenance tips to help you get ready for spring and summer heat. Contact an HVAC service to help with some of the maintenance that needs to be done before spring arrives. Companies like Universal Refrigeration can help.