Old House, New AC Installation? Duct Decoy Tips You Need To Know

Older homes have a special appeal that is often lacking in new designs. Many of them have beautiful features and details, such as larger windows, higher ceilings, and extravagantly detailed woodwork that is difficult to find in new homes.  But newer homes do have something that most older homes lack—an efficient central air conditioning system.

If you already own an older home that does not have air conditioning or are planning to purchase one soon, you should know that installing the air ducts for the system can be one of the biggest challenges when adding an air conditioning system. Luckily, there are some excellent duct decoy strategies you can use to overcome this challenge. 

Steal space in hidden locations

Since many older homes have lots of details and extra features, it is often possible to steal space for ducts behind or inside existing features. To ensure that you will be able to more successfully conceal the ducts you need, it is important to start by discussing the duct size with your HVAC installation contractor. 

Modern ducts are available that are flexible, with oval or smaller diameters to make them easier to configure and conceal in smaller spaces while still maintaining the high output levels needed for efficient cooling. 

Once you have a good grasp of the size and type of ducts your system will require, examine your older home for places where they can be hidden. These hiding places might include some or all of the following locations: 

  • between floors
  • on the ceiling area of a basement, crawlspace, or cellar
  • behind a false back in existing shelving or cupboards
  • within closets

Older one-story homes may be able to incorporate the ducts required in their attic and install vents in the ceilings of the home. 

Consider a ductless system

If there are areas of the home where installing ducts for a conventional air conditioning system is not possible without damaging the appeal of the home, a ductless system may be the answer. These systems can provide efficient cooling capacity when installed in either part or all of the home. 

To learn more about adding ducts to your older home or get answers to questions about a ductless air conditioning system, contact a reputable HVAC installation contractor in your area. These professionals can help you choose the correct size and configuration to ensure that your older home becomes cool and comfortable for you to enjoy. 

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