3 Questions Your HVAC Tech Might Ask When Coming Out For Repairs

If you're having trouble with your HVAC unit, you have probably called a local HVAC company to send someone out to make repairs. When your HVAC technician arrives, he or she might ask you a few questions. These are some of the questions that you might be asked.

1. What Kind of Problems are You Having?

Even though your HVAC technician can take a look at your entire system to see if there are any problems, he or she might be looking for a starting point for determining the issues with your unit. Because of this, he or she might ask about the problems that you've been experiencing. Of course, your HVAC technician doesn't expect you to actually name off what is wrong with your unit or what parts might need to be checked out. Just describing the issues that you have been dealing with should give him or her a good starting point for determining the source and seriousness of the issue.

2. When is the Last Time You Had Your Unit Serviced?

Regular service for your HVAC unit can make a difference in how well it runs. If your unit has not been serviced lately, then the problems that you're having might be simple and might be resolved by a basic tune-up. If you have recently had your unit serviced and are still having problems, though, these problems might be more serious. If you didn't have your unit serviced by the same company that you have hired this time, your HVAC technician might ask about the last time that you had your unit maintained to get an idea of what might need to be done.

3. Is Your Unit Under Warranty?

Lastly, your HVAC technician might ask if your unit is under warranty. If it is, then the technician might have to help you with a claim through your HVAC company to cover the cost of repair or replacement. If you have the warranty information for your unit, make sure that you give this information to your HVAC technician so that he or she can use it if necessary.

To provide you with prompt service, it's normal for your HVAC technician to ask you a few questions before getting started with looking at and troubleshooting the problems with your HVAC unit. If you can answer these questions, it can go a long way in helping your HVAC technician help you.