7 Mistakes To Avoid When You're On The Market For A New Air Conditioner

When you purchase a new air conditioner for your home, you're probably going to expect your new unit to last for a long time.

It's therefore important to avoid mistakes in your purchase because it's going to impact your household for many years to come. The following are seven mistakes to avoid when you're on the market for a new air conditioner so that you end up with the best unit for your needs. 

1. Choosing the wrong location

It's important to locate your air conditioner properly to optimize space around your home and to ensure proper functioning. Remember that an outdoor unit of an air conditioner needs to have open space around it to ensure proper air circulation.

Avoid placing an outdoor unit in a location where it will become overrun by vegetation.

2. Purchasing a unit that's the wrong size for your needs

Air conditioners are usually designed to handle a certain square footage. Make sure you're aware of the square footage of your home and that you choose an AC unit that matches up with that square footage. This way, the unit you choose will be effective and efficient for your property. 

3. Failing to invest in efficiency

Utility bills are a significant regular expense for most households. These days, you can find an energy efficient AC unit that will consume less energy than a standard unit. You can evaluate the efficiency of various air conditioners by looking into EER ratings of individual models. 

4. Failing to invest in automation capabilities

Home automation is the way of the future. These days, you can hook your air conditioner up to a home automation system so that you can make adjustments to your thermostat remotely. It's a good idea to look into automation capabilities so that your air conditioner can adapt to new home technologies that are likely to become widespread in the coming years.

5. Being unaware of the maintenance needs of the unit you choose

When you get your new air conditioner unit installed, it's a good idea to have a maintenance schedule drawn up. This will ensure that you keep your air conditioner in good shape and properly maintained from the very beginning.

6. Ignoring warranty considerations

You should look for an air conditioner unit with a warranty of around 10 years. This is a pretty standard warranty length. A 10-year warranty will give you peace of mind that repairs necessary in the near future will be covered. 

7. Not knowing how much noise your unit will make

A noisy air conditioner can create a huge nuisance for you and your household. Be aware of the noise factor and shop around for quieter units if you're placing your air conditioner in a place where noise will be cumbersome.

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