4 AC Care Tips for the Cold Winter Months to Have Fewer Problems When Spring Arrives

During the cold winter months, you will want to be careful with your HVAC systems and make sure that maintenance gets done. The maintenance needs to be done not only to your heating but to your AC as well. Good winter AC maintenance will help ensure you do not have problems with your AC when the weather outside becomes warmer during the spring months. Here are some winter AC care tips to help make sure you do not have problems when the weather gets warmer this spring.

1. Covering and Winterizing Your AC for the Cold Weather Ahead

Before the winter months even arrive, you will want to make sure you do maintenance and winterize your air conditioner. The winterizing should include cleaning out condensation drain lines and insulating parts that are vulnerable. In addition, you may want to install an AC unit cover to protect against winter weather, but always remember that the unit needs ventilation to prevent problems with mold and mildew.

2. Preparing Your AC for Stormy Weather and Problems That May Come 

The stormy weather that comes during the winter months can leave your AC unit exposed to many different types of potential damage. It is important to prepare your unit for the winter storms to come. Make sure that you have the right tools to clean snow off the unit if you have a severe winter storm. If there is a big storm coming, you may want to cover the unit with plastic or a piece of plywood to protect it if you did not already do this when you winterized the unit.

3. Ensure Your AC Does Not Get Damaged by Heavy Snow and Ice Buildup

Your air conditioner can be damaged by many different things during the winter months. You are going to want to make sure that you prepare your AC and remove snow and ice that falls on the unit. Try not to let too much snow build up on the unit because this can lead to serious damage and may require major repairs when you have maintenance done during the spring months.

4. Spring Maintenance to Prepare Your AC for the Winter Weather Ahead

When the spring months arrive, the weather will be getting warmer, and maintenance will be needed to prepare for summer. You will want to check your AC and prepare for the summer weather. If you are planning on replacing your AC before the summer months, this is a good time to talk with an AC installation service about the needs of your home and whether you just need to replace the unit or you should have more work done.

These are some winter air conditioning maintenance tips to help prevent problems when the weather gets warmer in spring. If you need help with AC maintenance and repairs, contact a professional air conditioning installation service to ensure you are ready for spring.