Why Use A Heat Pump Over Other HVAC Methods?

When it comes to your home's HVAC system, you may be on the fence about if you should use a heat pump. Here are a few reasons why it is worth using this HVAC method over all the rest.

Dual Purpose

Don't be confused by what a heat pump can do based on just its name. A heat pump actually serves a dual purpose by providing hot and cold air to your home. While this may seem confusing, think of a heat pump as a device that moves heat either in or out of your home. In the summer, it extracts that heat from the air and moves it outside, making your home feel cool. In the winter, it takes the heat from outside and moves it into your home to make it warm. While there are limitations to how cold the outdoor weather can be for a heat pump to work, it's possible that it will work for your home's needs.

Low Operating Cost

A heat pump can be more energy efficient than other heating and cooling methods for several reasons. One reason is due to there not being any ductwork. The indoor unit is mounted to a wall, so you won't have any problems with energy loss as the hot or cold air travels through ductwork to reach each room. Heat pumps are also designed to be used in rooms on demand. You can turn off the unit in parts of your home that are not being used so that you do not waste energy. In the end, you'll find that the energy costs associated with running a heat pump will be much lower than forced air systems.

Another reason for the low operating cost is because a heat pump can run on natural gas, even when used for cooling. A forced air system will require electricity to run, which is a more expensive form of energy to use throughout the summer.

Life Span

A heat pump is not an appliance that is going to fail a few years after you start using it. You can get around 15 years of use out of a heat pump before it eventually needs replacement. This puts it on par with other HVAC systems which average out to around the same lifespan

Not sure about if a heat pump is the right decision for your home? Reach out to an HVAC company such as Barnetts Heating & Air Conditioning for more information.