Get Your Heater Ready & Safe For Winter

Simply because it is now summer does not mean you should not pay close attention to the your heater's maintenance and care. In the winter months, you expect your heater to provide your commercial space with a warm shelter for your clients and employees. The steps you take during the summer keep your heater in great condition all year. Unfortunately, failure to provide the required maintenance means your commercial building may become polluted when you turn on the heater.

These tips will help you maintain your heater today so that you can improve the air quality when you use it in the winter.

Change the Furnace Filter

Summer provides an excellent opportunity to change the filter for your furnace. Choose a filter that claims to prevent your patrons and employees from breathing in dust, allergens, and other types of pollutants. Your commercial space likely needs a high-efficiency filter, but pay close attention to how often you are supposed to change it.

Keep in mind that in some situations, professionals advise that you change your filters more often. For example, you should change the filter more often if you have a lot of allergens in your area or if your commercial building has allergens inside it.

Clean the Ductwork

A professional can clean the ductwork at your building before the weather cools down. The ducts can get pretty dirty with allergens and other pollutants. Contractors can also identify other problems with your ductwork, including pests and mold. If you get a heads up regarding that issue today, you can have the issue resolved before you need to turn on the heater. 

Pay Close Attention to How You Clean

If you decide to clean your ductwork or other heating elements on your own, try to use natural cleaning and air freshening choices that will not put pollutants into the air. Better yet, call a professional to learn more about cleaning options and commercial heating repair.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

Aside from cleaning, you also need to rely on a professional to service your furnace and other heating elements. Professionals ensure that all components of your heating system are in working order before winter strikes and you have a real emergency on your hands. You can also set up regular maintenance appointments that renew automatically so you don't have to worry about scheduling post-winter maintenance as well.

It may be hot outside right now, but it is never too early to get a jump on maintenance for your heater and other HVAC components. Your employees and customers will thank you for it.