How To Keep Your Air Conditioner In Great Shape

Air conditioners are a very important appliance in modern homes. They allow you to keep your home at a comfortable temperature no matter how hot it gets outside. A broken air conditioner can be an expensive problem, and it's best to avoid that at all costs. Regular AC maintenance can keep problems at bay. Here are four things you should do to keep your AC in excellent operating condition:

1. Have your AC maintained annually.

Don't wait until your air conditioner shows signs of trouble. Have regular maintenance service performed at least once a year. This schedule is frequent enough to catch potential problems before they turn into big, expensive ones. Mark your regular AC service date on your calendar each year so you don't forget about it.

2. Get your AC serviced at the right time of year.

Ideally, you should have your AC serviced after winter ends. Spring is a good time for this, since it's the beginning of the warmer months. You likely won't need your air conditioner yet, so you'll have plenty of time to schedule an appointment. It's a good idea to get your AC serviced before summer starts, so your service person can ensure that everything is in good working order. It's possible for AC units to accumulate dust over winter while it's sitting unused, and a maintenance service can clean away any unwanted dust, dirt, and debris.

3. Make sure your AC maintenance service includes an inspection.

When choosing an AC service, ask what their maintenance service entails. While it's important to have your air conditioner thoroughly cleaned, an inspection is sometimes necessary. An ideal AC maintenance appointment will include an inspection performed by a qualified HVAC expert. They should check your air conditioner's motor, blower, refrigerant level, and drain lines. A thorough visual inspection can help your HVAC expert identify parts that are beginning to show signs of wear that may need replacing.

4. Take care of any problems brought to your attention.

If your AC service person alerts you to any problems in your air conditioner, you should take the news seriously. It's in your best interest to allow them to repair your air conditioner as soon as possible. While you may be tempted to wait until you can't wait any longer, especially if money is tight, delaying repair work can lead to more costly issues in the future.

To learn more about AC service, contact a company near you.