How To Keep Your Home Warm And Safe While You Wait For HVAC Repair Service

If your furnace won't keep up with the cold weather, what should you do now? Take a look at some ways to stay warmer while you wait for an HVAC repair service.

Open or Close Window Treatments

Is it still daytime? If the furnace shuts down while the sun is out, open the blinds, pull back the curtains, and let the light in. This can help to warm your home until the furnace repair technician gets to your home.

If the sun has already set, close the window treatments to add extra insulation. Without the natural light to heat your home, you need to keep as much warm air inside as possible. Older or single-pane windows can allow cold air in. Thick curtains, blinds, or shades can reduce heat loss as you wait.

Keep Doors Closed and Insulated

Along with the windows, doors can also let the cold air in and the warm air out. In the hours after your furnace stops working, keep the doors closed, if possible. Even though this strategy will help to keep your home's temperature stable, you may still notice cold air seeping in. Gaps beneath the door, cracks in the frame, and single-pane windows (in the door) can also cause your home to cool.

After you call the HVAC contractor, roll towels and place them under the door. Cover the door's windows with a curtain or blanket to keep more warm air in.

Leave Your Home

It's not always possible, or safe, to stay in your home after the furnace shuts down. If you smell gas (a rotten or sulfur-like odor), hear your carbon monoxide detector alarms, or notice that the temperature drops to an uncomfortable level, leave immediately.

Contact emergency services if you suspect a gas or carbon monoxide leak. Both of these situations can pose serious health and safety risks. The HVAC technician can repair the furnace after emergency professionals (such as the fire department) determines the house is safe to enter.

If your efforts to keep your home warm don't work, wait for the technician at a neighbor's or friend's house or find another safe, warm space to stay until the contractor arrives.

Do you need a furnace repair during the chilly winter months? Contact the HVAC repair technician as soon as possible to maintain a comfortable indoor environment. Provided your home is still safe to stay in, use window treatments to keep the indoor area warm and close the doors to reduce heat loss.

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