3 Reasons Commercial HVAC Maintenance Is An Important Task

According to energy.gov, if you have an old commercial HVAC unit, you could be using up to 30% more energy than when using a newer model. Even when it's ten years older, you could still save a substantial amount of energy if you replace it with a newer, more energy-efficient model. If you have an excellent installation, scheduled maintenance practices are essential. Don't wait until the system breaks down or its efficiency drops to call a technician. A good system should

  • Save you money

  • Improve the quality of air in the building

  • Add comfort

  • Safeguard the environment

  • Give you peace of mind

Although you'll be spending money even when the HVAC system is okay, regular maintenance practices from an experienced commercial HVAC services provider prolongs its life by up to 15 years, according to Trend Statistics. As you take care of the system, here are the benefits.

A More Comfortable Working Environment

As everyone tries to catch up on work responsibilities, the last thing they need is an HVAC system that's not working. Extremely hot or cold weather can significantly affect productivity. 

With regular maintenance, the system performs at peak levels and does not break down easily. Simple practices such as regular cleaning of the duct pipes can prevent a system breakdown and improve comfort. 

Also, note that workers will stay healthy as the quality of air improves. A dirty unit pumps out allergens and dust, which can lead to illnesses. 


Uncontrolled weather conditions can destroy equipment, offices, and entire buildings. Some offices close down during harsh weather conditions as employees opt to work from home. When they do so, they need assurance that their offices and belongings are safe. They don't want to come back to a frozen office because the HVAC unit broke down. 

Financial Savings

Regular maintenance practices detect problems before they damage the system, thereby prolonging its life. As iaqa.com put it, maintenance practices prevent expensive breakdowns by up to 95%. You don't have to invest in a new unit for a long time which saves you money.  

Additionally, an efficient unit consumes less power which translates into more savings. You'll also be protected under warranty, giving you more peace of mind. 


Having an efficient and modern HVAC unit installation is not enough. Ensure it's well maintained and follow the experts' recommendations to prolong its life, keep it safe and effective. Most importantly, find an experienced and reliable technician skilled in working with your type of installation.

Contact a commercial HVAC service to schedule a maintenance visit.