4 Signs You Need Refrigeration Contractors For A Commercial Refrigerator Repair

Is your hotel's refrigerator not holding temperature as expected? It is a cause for worry since this complicated appliance holds most of the cold stock inventory. Besides spoiled food, faults in the refrigerator cause high energy bills. If you have a commercial refrigeration unit, you should have the phone numbers of refrigeration contractors on speed dial. When do you need their services?

There Is Pooled Water on the Floor

You will see water leaks when the temperature in the refrigerator goes higher than expected. This is because the frozen packages will thaw, causing excess water flows. Also, the cooler cannot keep cold temperatures because the seals are damaged, allowing warmer air from the outside.

Raised temperatures plus the excessive moisture make a conducive environment for the growth of mold and other dangerous toxins. It is a high health hazard because these food toxins can cause whole food contamination and loss. Call the refrigeration contractors as soon as you notice any water puddles on the base of your refrigerator.

The Door Won't Close 

The problem of doors not closing properly is common, especially where there is frequent opening and closing of the fridge. If the door won't close properly, it makes the refrigeration unit ineffective because of warm air infiltration through the space at the door.

Like broken seals, faulty doors present a risk of mold and toxin growth. The unit is also forced to work harder to keep the set temperature. As a result, it takes more power and raises the bills. You should call in the technicians as fast as possible to avoid food spoilage. 

The Drain Pan Is Overflowing 

Sometimes the drain lines will clog with sediment, especially in a dusty environment. It makes the drain pan overflow and drip. The overflowing drain pan can cause puddles and attract mold and mildew. It is better to call in a technician instead of trying DIY unclogging. Commercial refrigeration units are complex units which means tinkering in the wrong place could aggravate the fault. 

The Unit Is Too Noisy 

A refrigeration unit shouldn't be too noisy. However, if there is too much noise coming from the unit, there could be a problem with one or several mechanical units. These mechanical units include motor and compressor fans.  

Loud banging noises should be of much concern because it is a sign some parts could be loose and grinding or hitting on other parts. Call in refrigerator contractors to diagnose which mechanical part is problematic.

Do you suspect that your commercial refrigeration unit is faulty? Then, call in qualified refrigerator contractors to diagnose and fix the problem.