AC Unit Repairs: Dealing With Electrical, Compressor, And Condensing Coil Issues

When it comes to repairing your AC system, there might be issues with electrical wiring, the compressor, or condensing coils. These can cause some of the biggest problems when you need your AC the most during the summer heat. The following AC repair information will help you deal with electrical and compressor problems that affect your air-conditioning:

Electrical problems

The AC's electrical system has two main parts: the wiring and the components. There are two major components: the capacitor and the capacitor switch. When your AC is not cycling (turning on), the problem might be due to a bad capacitor or switch. Issues with wiring or electrical circuits can also cause problems with the system not cycling as it should. Capacitors wear out and lose their ability to hold electricity. When that happens, the electrical system becomes unstable, and the system will not turn on. The capacitor of your system can also affect the furnace and might need to be replaced before using your heating.


The AC compressor provides cooling by compressing the gas into a liquid. This component can sometimes wear out due to overheating, or it can have issues with leaks. The problem starts when the refrigerant starts leaking. The leak is caused by a hole in the compressor or a hole in the tubing. If the compressor fails, you generally need to replace the compressor. If the compressor motor is working, the compressor is almost certainly fine, and the problem is probably something simple like a belt or other parts that need to be replaced. Greasing the moving parts of the compressor will help prevent issues with wear that cause it to stop working.

Condensing coil

The condensing coil is the heart of the system. It is made up of several tubes that stick out of the cabinet. The air flows through the tubes, cooling them. When the air temperature drops, the refrigerant flows through the tubes and cools the air. The refrigerant then flows out of the tubes and into the compressor. The condenser coil is probably the most important and most expensive part of the unit. The condensing coil is damaged when it is clogged with dirt, dust, and debris. Cleaning the condensing coil when you service your AC will help prevent some of these issues.

If you have any of these problems with your AC, you will need to call an AC repair service for help fixing your system.