Is Your AC System Becoming Increasingly Inefficient? Potential Repair Issues To Consider

In the world of residential air conditioning, function and efficiency are both important in achieving the homeowner's goal of a cool, comfortable home at an affordable cost. Unfortunately, AC components can remain functional, yet become increasingly inefficient at their job of cooling a home. While the age of the system can play an important role in the loss of efficiency, undiscovered repair issues should also be considered before assuming that the purchase of a new air conditioning system is necessary. 

If your home's air conditioning system is technically functional, yet showing signs of inefficiency in the form of higher cooling bills and a less comfortable home environment, here are some potential repair issues you should consider. 

Diminished airflow

An air conditioning system that seems to offer a markedly reduced amount of airflow while continuing to cycle somewhat normally may be suffering from a variety of potential issues, including a clogged or ill-fighting filter. Diminished airflow problems that are not caused by filter issues may fall into one of the following categories: 

  • Blower fan issues, such as a failing motor or damage to the belt, bearings, or blades of the blower fan
  • Duct and vent issues, including crushed, damaged, or leaking ducts and blocked air returns and vents
  • Refrigerant issues, including leaking or insufficient levels of coolant in the system

Diminished airflow issues can also be a sign that the existing air conditioning system is oversized for the square footage of the structure or the system is struggling with a faulty thermostat. 

Changes in cycling

When a residential air conditioning system is working correctly, it should cycle only when necessary to keep the home at the desired setting of the thermostat. When an AC system suddenly begins to cycle for a shorter time, cycle much more often or continue to run longer and longer during each cycle, homeowners may be experiencing a repair issue with the coolant lines. Coolant lines are subject to the development of pinhole leaks from corrosion. Because this type of leak is very small, a homeowner may not realize a problem exists until a significant amount of coolant has been lost and the air conditioning system has begun to experience cycling changes as it attempts to lower the interior temperature of the home. 

Any change in the operation of your central air conditioning system should be explored, especially when the changes begin to affect efficiency and comfort. To learn more about your air conditioning system and the potential repair issues you may be experiencing, contact a reputable air conditioning repair contractor in your area.  

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