4 Heat Pump Problems That Require The Attention Of A Heating Service

Heat pumps are popular for their efficiency. They work by heat transference rather than burning fuel or heating elements. While they are simpler in operation than energy systems, heat pumps also suffer malfunctions from both manmade and natural factors. Regular maintenance by qualified heating services can prevent your heat pump from catastrophic failure. However, it will need major repairs from time to time. What are some problems you can expect to call the heating repair service for?

1. Heat Pump Cycling Frequently

When the heat pump cannot keep up with the thermostat's setting, it will cycle on and off as the temperature fluctuates. This also happens when the heat pump is not of the appropriate size, which leads to overheating. 

You will also have this problem when refrigerant leaks, which translates to inadequate heating. Again, the heating services can assess the size suitability of the heat pump or diagnose any other faults. 

2. Heat Pump Not Heating or Cooling  

If your heat pump isn't getting to desired temperatures in heating or cooling, airflow could be a problem. There could also be inadequate heat because of leaky ducts, clogged filters, and wrong unit placement. 

The unit could also be cooling inadequately because of refrigerant leaks, dirty filters, and dirty AC coils. When the outdoor unit is blocked and not drawing adequate air, it also happens. However, wrong thermostat settings contribute to incorrect heating and cooling. Get the heating service to look at these possible faults. 

3. Heat Pump Not Switching Modes  

If a heat pump is stuck in one mode and won't change over to the other, you may have a problem with the control board or wiring. This problem also happens when the reversing valve is faulty. The heat pump will heat or cool excessively because the unit will not switch to the other mode. 

4. Frozen Outdoor Unit

Sometimes a heat pump will turn on and switch off immediately because of a frozen outdoor unit. It happens when the unit is blocked and the air is not flowing properly. It could also be from faulty outdoor fans.  

Dirty AC coils and filters can also contribute to this problem. Improper defrosting will also make the refrigerant in the unit freeze. If the unit is exposed to snow or rain, you will also see this problem. You can call heating installation services to assess the placement of the unit and correct it.

Is your heat pump becoming problematic? Call heating services to diagnose and fix any faults to restore comfort in your home.