Replacements And Repairs Your Kitchen Range May Need

Your kitchen range can be among the most important appliances that you own. When there are problems with the range, you may find that you are unable to prepare food and that operating it may even be dangerous. Luckily, many of the parts that are the most likely to fail on the range can be replaced to restore its functionality without you having to buy a new range.

Replacing A Damaged Control Panel

The control panel is the part of the range that you are likely to personally interact with the most often. Because of this, the control panel is prone to suffering damage or problems that could impair your ability to use it. For conventional controls that use knobs, this could involve the knob warping or breaking in a way that will cause it to fall off or otherwise fail to turn the stem that controls the gas or electrical connection. This can often be repaired by simply installing a new knob, but you will need to be mindful to choose the appropriate one for your range as well as to accurately install it. When the range uses a digital control panel, it will likely be necessary to replace the entire panel. While this can still be far more affordable than buying a new range, it can be somewhat complicated due to the wiring work that will be needed. This makes replacing an electrical control panel a job that is best suited to a professional.

Installing New Burners Or Stove Eyes

The burners or stove eyes can be the components of the range that will experience substantial wear and stress as a result of being exposed to intense heat. Individuals will often assume that these components failing will always result in it being completely unable to produce heat. However, it is more common for this problem to lead to the burner or stove eye failing to reach and sustain the temperature that you have set for it.

Electrical Failures

An electric range will use a large amount of power when it working, and this can make electrical problems especially significant. In situations where the electric range is drawing more power than intended, it can lead to the breaker box flipping while you are in the middle of preparing food. Any type of electrical work can be dangerous, and this is true of repairing electric ranges. To avoid the risk of suffering an electric shock or even starting a fire, only trained repair technicians should perform this repair.

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