What You Should Do To Maintain Your Home's Air Conditioner

Your air conditioning is likely an appliance that you do not think about that much. You set the thermostat, it turns on and off when necessary, and your home feels cool in the summer. However, you do want to do what it takes to prevent it from breaking down and running inefficiently, which is why it helps to do the following maintenance on your air conditioner.

Change The Air Filter 

One of the easier things that you can do is change the air filter within the inside unit's main air handler. That filter is going to get clogged with all types of dirt and debris, which is only going to make your air conditioner work harder to push the cold air through the filter. Some air filters only need to be changed on an annual basis, but others need to be changed every month. Make sure you understand when you change your air filter so that you stay on top of it.

Clean The Condensate Drain Pan 

The indoor air handler also has a condensation drain line that goes into a pan, which then either naturally runs the water to a drain or removes it with a pump. You'll want to make sure that the drain plan is cleaned because there is a chance that it could be clogged with debris and prevent the condensation from leaving the unit. 

Clean The Compressor

The outdoor compressor is likely to get very dirty over the years. That's why it is important to take the time to clean the outdoor compressor every year in the spring before you start up your air conditioner again. It's an easy thing to do since you need to make sure that the fins are free of debris that could be preventing airflow. The risk you run by not cleaning it is to have an air conditioner that overheats and shuts down, leaving your home hot in the summer. 

Straighten Out The Fins

The outdoor compressors are also going to have fins in the coils that allow air to pass through. You'll want to make sure that these fins are not bent and blocking the airflow. An easy way to straighten out a lot of them is to use an air conditioner fin comb, which allows you to straighten out multiple fins at a time. If you don't want to purchase one of those specialized tools, you can straighten them out individually with a flat-head screwdriver.