HVAC Repairs Often Needed In The Fall

Fall is a season of changes and transitions. This is as true for your HVAC system as for anything else. During the fall, people typically use their air conditioner less and less, and they start using their heating system more and more. As such, fall is a common season to have both air conditioners and heaters repaired. Here are some of the most common repairs people often need in the autumn months.

Condensate Drain Pump Replacement

The condensate drain pump takes the condensation produced by your air conditioner and pumps it out to the drain. After working hard all summer, this pump may be becoming glitchy, which can result in pools of water forming at the base of your air conditioner. It's also common for the pump to fail after having to pump condensate through a dirty or partially blocked drain pipe. An HVAC repair contractor can replace the condensate drain pump so that next spring, when you start using your AC again, you won't get any more pooling water.

Blower Motor Repairs

The blower motor blows the cool, air-conditioned air into the duct. In the winter, the same blower motor blows the heated air through the ducts. So, if the blower motor is damaged in any way, your HVAC contractor should repair it in the fall before the heating season gets too underway. Sometimes, a blower motor may need the belt replaced or some ball bearings replaced. These repairs are minor and generally affordable, and having them done will prevent future issues, such as short-cycling and loss of heat.

Valve Repairs and Replacement

Valve problems are often most noticeable in fall when changes in temperature and humidity cause various parts to swell and shrink. There may be trouble with a gas valve associated with your furnace, or even with a valve associated with the condensation chamber. Most valves can be loosened up with lubrication, but others may need to be replaced. An HVAC repair team can test all of the valves associated with your system, note the ones that are faulty, and perform the necessary repairs.

In the fall months, there is often an increased focus on home maintenance and repairs. This focus is important, especially when it comes to your HVAC system. Your HVAC appliances are under a lot of strain this time of year, which makes this a good season during which to have them repaired and maintained.