Signs You Need To Hire An AC Repair Contractor

AC problems are eventually going to be something you face if you own any type of property, whether it's a single-family home or condo. Here are a few problems that would require fast help from an AC repair contractor.

Condenser Fan Motor Issues

An important performance aspect of your AC unit is the condenser's fan motor. If it breaks down, then it may be hard for the condenser to remove the heat created by your cooling system. You would thus need to hire an AC repair contractor as soon as you can.

They can put the fan motor through a detailed assessment and see the motor run in real time, seeing what is holding it back from optimal performance. It could be a lubrication problem or the fact that the fan is just old and needs to be replaced as a result. You'll receive the right diagnosis either way when you hire an AC repair contractor.

Refrigerant Leak That You Can't Spot

If refrigerant ever leaked out of your AC system and you were able to spot it, then fixing this issue isn't that hard. You may just need to apply some electrical tape around the damaged area to keep the refrigerant from leaking further. If you can't find this leak though, then it's best to hire an AC repair contractor.

They can be more thorough when they assess your AC unit for refrigerant leaks and use special equipment too, such as dye that glows when UV light shines on it. Then the contractor can easily pinpoint the area on your AC unit that needs to be repaired before more refrigerant leaks out.

Clogged Ducts

If at any point the ducts in your home are able to clog, this is a serious problem that you need to address immediately. Otherwise, your AC unit will continue to perform inefficiently and thus not last as long. It's a good idea to hire an AC repair contractor for this issue.

They can send cameras through your ducts to quickly find the source of the clog. From there, they can alleviate it without damaging any part of your ductwork. Finally, they'll check the performance of the AC unit to make sure it performs efficiently again.

Thanks to AC repair contractors, you won't have to deal with severe problems that happen to your cooling system. You just need to hire them at the right time and do what they say after they make an official diagnosis. To learn more, contact an AC repair professional in your area.