Common Air Conditioner Problems

Every homeowner has likely had to hire an HVAC technician for air conditioner repairs. And since AC units are crucial during summer, you must repair them on time. But what kind of problems do air conditioners face? This article will discuss the most common air conditioner problems in every home.   Dirty Air Filters Dirty air filters might seem like a minor problem, but it isn't. And since most people forget to swap their dirty air filters with new ones, their air conditioners will always experience efficiency issues.

Why Do Furnace Burners Require Cleaning?

Homeowners can handle a few HVAC maintenance tasks pretty easily, including routine filter changes. However, some other tasks require a bit more skill and experience. Burner cleaning is one common task performed by HVAC technicians during annual maintenance visits. While this job isn't hard, it does require some disassembly, which can make it intimidating for inexperienced do-it-yourselfers. Because it's not a straightforward process, many people neglect cleaning their burners or don't hire an HVAC company to perform annual maintenance.

The Benefits Of Having An Attic Ventilation System Installed

At first, the idea of having a ventilation system installed in your attic might sound a little silly. After all, most people don't actually live in or spend much time in their attic, so you may assume the space does not need to be comfortable or maintained. But actually, your attic plays a bigger role in the overall state of your home than you might imagine. And if it's a humid, sticky place, installing a good attic ventilation system can make a huge difference in your life.

HVAC Repairs Often Needed In The Fall

Fall is a season of changes and transitions. This is as true for your HVAC system as for anything else. During the fall, people typically use their air conditioner less and less, and they start using their heating system more and more. As such, fall is a common season to have both air conditioners and heaters repaired. Here are some of the most common repairs people often need in the autumn months.

Is Your AC Freezing Up? Here’s What Might Be Wrong

Your AC unit naturally works harder when outdoor temperatures are high, resulting in increased utility costs as well as extra wear and tear on your system. Unfortunately, AC malfunctions often occur during heat waves, leaving homeowners sweltering until help can arrive in the form of an HVAC repair service. One of the common issues that occur is that the system completely freezes up. Here's why it happens and what you may be able to do about it: