HVAC Repairs Often Needed In The Fall

Fall is a season of changes and transitions. This is as true for your HVAC system as for anything else. During the fall, people typically use their air conditioner less and less, and they start using their heating system more and more. As such, fall is a common season to have both air conditioners and heaters repaired. Here are some of the most common repairs people often need in the autumn months.

Is Your AC Freezing Up? Here’s What Might Be Wrong

Your AC unit naturally works harder when outdoor temperatures are high, resulting in increased utility costs as well as extra wear and tear on your system. Unfortunately, AC malfunctions often occur during heat waves, leaving homeowners sweltering until help can arrive in the form of an HVAC repair service. One of the common issues that occur is that the system completely freezes up. Here's why it happens and what you may be able to do about it:  

Common Signs You Might Ignore That Let You Know Your HVAC System Needs Servicing

Almost every company and business across the country will have an HVAC system of some kind, whether that is one that costs tens of thousands of dollars to install or a legacy holdover from the previous tenant that is starting to look a bit worse for wear. Whatever the case may be, all HVAC systems operate on much the same principle and often the same problems befall them. The main problem is that often owners don't recognize these warning noises and sounds before a major issue happens.

Call An AC Repair Company For Help When Your AC Is Leaking Water

If it sounds like your air conditioner is dripping water, it may not be your imagination. Even though your AC doesn't use water, it creates it through condensation. The condensation is supposed to drain outside so you never know it's there. If the drain clogs, water might leak from your air handler. Another time water leaks is when ice forms on the evaporator coil, melts, and drips on the floor. If you hear dripping indoors, then you probably need to call an AC repair service.

What You Should Do To Maintain Your Home's Air Conditioner

Your air conditioning is likely an appliance that you do not think about that much. You set the thermostat, it turns on and off when necessary, and your home feels cool in the summer. However, you do want to do what it takes to prevent it from breaking down and running inefficiently, which is why it helps to do the following maintenance on your air conditioner. Change The Air Filter